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Robert Kieronski uses unique media to produce artworks that bend light in extraordinary ways. His works include a range of kinetic, interactive, and optical pieces; sometimes playful, sometimes trancendent, always stronglyy influenced by a long and rich background in invention and engineering Kieronski's "LUMION" works make innovative use of experimental optical materials; his process of using materials is always evolving. Also included in this site are some select three-dimensional works that comprise a non-optical part of Kieronski's repertoire. Click on the thumnails and you'll get a better view with descriptions, and a sense of the body of work. Be sure to check out Kieronski's latest work and upcoming exhibitions under " News and Events".



"Create Life" is an kinetic / interactive computer controlled sculpture that runs the famous Create Life ThumbnailUrey-Miller experiment through a pinball-like control interface. The object is to allow visitors to participate in the synthesis of artificial life. The piece won 1st prize for 3D work at the Newport Art Museum juried show. On exhibit at the Museum till June 2010

"Morning Annunciator" is wierdly funny. The screaming rubber chicken alarm clock was awarded a prize at the Morning AnnunciatorNewport Art Museum members juried show. It is a functioning alarm clock with an interactive button that, when pressed, sends the clock through its wake-up cycle. This piece woke a few folks at " Pixilerations" during the First Works exhibition in Providence , RI

The Vochrome and Switching Matrix are media processing devices used in "9 Evenings of Theatre and Vochrome thumbnailEngineering". The exhibit was a retrospective of a pioneering show done in the late 1960's that formally began the notion of an "Art and Technology" symbiosis. The Vochrome travelled as part of that historic/retrospective exhibit, "9 Evenings Reconsidered", sponsored by the MIT List Center for the Visual Arts. The show opened at List, visited Concordia College (Montreal) , and has been to the Tesla Media-Art Laboratory in Berlin, Germany.

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